Cholla Joggers

  • Your mom called, she said its okay to go out in public in these sweats. 
  • How do I even begin to describe the comfort level of these pants???- I'll take a stab at it. These babes feel like the lower half of your body is being cradled by a cloud composed of mystical unicorn fluff and sweet dreams. AND THEY HAVE POCKETS. 
  • Okay, on to the real deets. - The Cholla joggers have an adjustable elastic waistband, that won't roll over. 
  • Pockets, because we aren't savages. 
  • Fitted ankle opening
  • The ultimate meeting of comfort and style, you can guilt free buy these babes as jammies, or as day wear. Pair them with the matching top, or a graphic tee, and a denim jacket for a cool and casual errand outfit. 
  • The Cholla's are running true to size 

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